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MaintMan® and MaintMobile®...

... the perfect software solutions for the maintenance management of your entire company.


Our developers and employees rely on 30 years of experience in the development and work with maintenance software.

This experience is reflected in our practice-oriented software products MaintMan® - the Maintenance Manager und MaintMobile® - the mobile maintenance client, as well as in our customer support.

The fact that we focus exclusively on maintenance and our software is completely conceived and developed by us at the company provides the necessary expertise and the flexibility to understand all customer requirements and to implement them optimally and user-friendly for you.

MaintMan® is the perfect supplement for your maintenance, the object and vehicle fleet administration and much more. The client developed under C # is primarily used on Windows-based systems and can be used on other operating systems due to the cross-platform capabilities of .NET. MaintMobile® enables you to capture and process all maintenance jobs, breakdowns and repairs direct by side. Whether in the W-Lan, via the mobile network or even offline, you can use many functions directly on site. MaintMobile® stands for mobile maintenance under Android, Windows Mobile and iOS.

Excerpt of some functions and highlights from MaintMan®


  • Automatic display of overdue work
  • Multiple maintenance work can be defined per equipment
  • Schedules for pending work
  • History and life cycles for all plants
  • Recording and reading measured values for the plants
  • Defining counters of all kinds for the plants (electricity, water, units, operating hours…)
  • Maintenance by interval and counter (units, hours…)
  • Hierarchy structure for increased clarity
  • Object grouping by multiple criteria
  • Managing employee qualifications
  • Qualifications can be defined for specific work
  • Comprehensive evaluations and analysis function
  • Automatic spare parts reservation possible
  • Cost centre management
  • Project management to collect costs and orders
  • Error, cause and measures catalogue
  • Spare parts administration with stock control
  • Stock management with optional size class assignment
  • Order suggestion list for manual and automatic demand requirements
  • Order management incl. incoming goods and storage journal
  • Address management for customer, supplier and third-party company administration
  • Barcode function


  • User management with password protection
  • Release and limit functions via rights


  • Unlimited data volumes can be saved
  • Selection fields for easier work
  • Table-internal sorting and filter function
  • Document management for master data (pictures, folders, files…)
  • Quick start and tool bars


This is an extract from the functions of MaintMan®.

In addition, MaintMan offers® many interfaces to ERP systems, measuring instruments, operating data acquisition (PDA) and ...

MaintMan® is constantly evolving!


Excerpt of some functions and highlights from MaintMobile®


  • User login (with username + password)
  • Overview of pending and acknowledged work orders
  • See instructions for maintenance and repairs
  • Edit / record the working text
  • Enter employees and third parties to an work order
  • Enter spare parts including quantity for the work order
  • Assign errors and record downtimes
  • Create new orders directly on site


This is an extract from the functions of MaintMobile®.

MaintMobile® is constantly evolving!


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